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An independent charity governed by a Statutory Instrument. The Trustees of CISWO are Trustees of the MWNEF. The Trustees make awards to assist mineworkers, former mineworkers and their dependants pursue higher education courses at universities, colleges or other educational institutes in the United Kingdom. Eligibility is quite specific but the Trustees of CISWO also consider providing grant aid to the above beneficiaries who do not have the eligibility service requirements required by the governing instrument of the MWNEF.


'A' Candidates – persons who are employed in the coal mining industry of Great Britain, persons who were employed in the coal mining industry and who have taken up full time further education within 5 years of having left the mining industry, persons who ceased to be employed in the mining industry of Great Britain by reason of age or disability.

'B' Candidates – the dependent sons and daughters or other dependants of any employee of the coal mining industry or former employee providing that that individual either:

(a) left by virtue of age or ill health and had no further employment; or

(b) who left the industry having completed 20 years of employment.

Age Limits

Applicants must not be less than 17 years of age at the commencement of the academic year for which the grant is requested.

Approved Courses

Applications will be accepted in respect of any of the designated full time courses of education for which Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or the Student Awards Agency Scotland is available. Such courses require two passes at the Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education or equivalent for entry.

CISWO Eligibility Criteria

The provisions detailed above apply in terms of type of course etc and applications may be considered from the dependants of those employees or former employeess who had less than 20 years’ service in the industry but more than 10 years. All applications for educational support, whether they be MWNEF or CISWO, may be submitted on the MWNEF application form.

For further information contact the Secretary of the Fund at The Old Rectory, Rectory Drive, Whiston, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S60 4JG.

Phone: 01709 728115

e-mail: [email protected]