Other services we provide

Trust Funds

Miners' Welfare Trust Funds are independent charities that operate in various coalfields across the country. They have local Trustees who are generally connected to the mining industry through past employment. The Trustees manage and apply those funds to support former miners, miners’ families and mining charities.

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Convalescence is provided by a number of charities which have different policies about eligibility and conditions. A convalescent break is one that provides an opportunity to recover from illness, whether a short or long term condition, and includes respite breaks for those with such conditions or who are caring for those with such conditions.

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Miners' Welfare

Many Miners' Welfares can be found on the internet and our regional offices can give you information about those still active in their area.

Education Fund

An independent charity governed by a Statutory Instrument. The Trustees of CISWO are Trustees of the MWNEF. The Trustees make awards to assist mine workers, former mine workers and their dependents pursue higher education courses at universities, colleges or other educational institutes in the United Kingdom.

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